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Ratz Investigation 101

11 Mar

The baby ratz

You make a decision and you start to grow a baby ratz. Your girl plaits it for you and you use a rubber band to secure your new baby.

The baby dread ratz

Or you just twist and rub that shit until… you have a baby dreadlock: the baby dread ratz.

The snakey ratz

It won’t always hang straight, it’ll twist and turn: the snakey ratz.

The skull ratz

Be different! Grow that shit from the middle of yo head: the skull ratz.

The puff ratz

A plait/braid free ratz: the puff ratz. It has volume! It has presence!

The epic ratz

Extension on extension on extension, incorporate colour, this is… the epic ratz.

The two tone ratz

Dye that shit and you gotta two tone ratz.

The drainpipe ratz

Your ratz might be just a part of an epic lion mane muthafucka of a hairstyle. Keep it simple, introducing… the drainpipe ratz.

For some unknown reason, we will continue to follow the ratz!



25 Feb

The rats tail. The Polynesian rats tail. The ratz.

We were at Matafaga last night and saw a ratz that was almost down to this guy’s waist.

So we’ve decided to start documenting the diversity of ratz style from next week… there’s the side ratz, the skull ratz (from the top of the head), the beading, the coloured binding, the puff ratz… which we have named the Poodle Ratz.

Watch this space!