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25 Feb

The rats tail. The Polynesian rats tail. The ratz.

We were at Matafaga last night and saw a ratz that was almost down to this guy’s waist.

So we’ve decided to start documenting the diversity of ratz style from next week… there’s the side ratz, the skull ratz (from the top of the head), the beading, the coloured binding, the puff ratz… which we have named the Poodle Ratz.

Watch this space!



20 Feb

This photo essay was made on a Thursday night in October 2010. In an effort to promote South Auckland visual artist / film maker, Tanu Gago’s solo exhibition, YOU LOVE MY FRESH, stickers were distributed to club-goers, who largely applied them to their bodies. Photography by Tanu Gago and Ema Tavola.

For the love of Matafaga…

20 Feb

Reincarnated into a blog, the Matafaga Appreciation Society lives on!


Sorry Facebook heads… I’m over it.