Matafaga Appreciation Society was originally setup as a Facebook page, but I left Facebook, so I set up a blog.

My name is Ema. My friend Tanu and I frequent a Polynesian nightclub in South Auckland called Matafaga. It is located in the Otara Town Centre, above Le Sunrise Takeaway, near the ASB Bank on Bairds Road. Thursday nights are our favourite. Lots of people love Matafaga, lots of people are scared of Matafaga. Lots of people are ashamed to say they go to Matafaga.

We are proud and intrigued by the entire socio-cultural context of this unique nightclub.

The dancefloor is packed, and sweaty. The DJ occasionally is really impressive. The drinks are cheap and the staff are cool. And we just love being surrounded by Pacific people having a good time.

I did a presentation about Matafaga at the 2010 Manukau Pecha Kucha Night, and it went down pretty well. I was slightly inebriated. Watch it here.

Tanu and I plan to write a book about Matafaga one day, but in the meantime we will blog.

We intend to write and post about Matafaga style, why people go to Matafaga, what the surrounding community’s feelings about the nightclub are, interview Matafaga owner, Ricky Wong and his staff, and the dating/mating game of Thursday nights.

Here’s a video some dude made:

We love feedback – hit us!


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